NEW!!! LILLIPUT 9.7'' Field Monitor with SDI,Component,HDMI input

NEW!!! LILLIPUT 9.7'' Field Monitor with SDI,Component,HDMI input

Model No.︰969A/S


Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

 Lilliput 9.7"3G-SDI LCD Field Monitor with Advanced Functions for Full HD Camcorder and Video Camera.
969A/P (with BNC interfaces)
969A/O/P (with BNC interfaces, HDMI output)
969A/S (with BNC interfaces, HDMI output, 3G-SDI input / output)
969B/P (without BNC interfaces)
969B/O/P (without BNC interfaces, with HDMI output)

IPS panel wide viewing angles,
High resolution: 1024× 768,
High brightness: 420CD/,
High contrast: 600: 1,
Dual HDMI input,
3G-SDI input / output,
USB 5V output for charging,
Wide voltage: DC 7-24V,
TALLY interface with indicating light,
Gimbal bracket for installation,
Suitcase make monitor watertight, crushproof and dust proof.

Advanced Functions:

Peaking Filter, False Colors, Histogram, Exposure, Camera, Center Marker, Pixel-to-Pixel, Color Bar, Screen Marker, Aspect Ratio, Check Field, Underscan/Overscan, Freeze Input, H/V Delay, 8x Zoom, Picture-in-Picture.

Panel 9.7” LED
Physical Resolution 1024× 768, support 1920× 1080
Aspect Ratio 4: 3
Brightness 420cd/m²
Contrast 900: 1
Viewing Angle 178° / 178° (H/V)
Input Signal 3G-SDI,HDMI, YPbPr, AV, TALLY
Output Signal HDMI(optional), YPbPr, AV, USB(5V)
Audio Speaker× 1(built-in), Ear Phone Slot× 1(built-in)
Current ≤ 1500mA
Input Voltage DC 7-24V(XLR Connector)
Battery Plate V-mount, Anton Bauer mount, F-970, QM91D, DU21, LP-E6
Power Consumption ≤ 18W
Operating Temperature -20º C ~ 60º C
Storage Temperature -30º C~ 70º C
Dimension(LWD) 246× 224× 31mm/167.5mm(with cover open)
Weight 1068g / 1388g (with cover)
Flexible folding sun shade cover 1 piece
Battery plate bracket 1 piece
Battery plate (F-970, QM91D, DU21 or LP-E6) 2pieces
HDMI A/A cable 1 piece
DC 12V power adapter (XLR connector) 1 piece
TALLY connector 1 piece
Manual 1 copy
Gimbal bracket 1 piece (optional)
V-mount battery plate 1 piece (optional)
Anton Bauer mount battery plate 1 piece (optional)
Suitcase 1 piece (optional)

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