On Camera Monitor

Connect with DSLR&full HD Camcorder for CCTV Monitoring, Photography, Making moives.

4K Broadcast monitor

Designed for UAV & FPV Camera System.Application for Outdoor & aerial Photography.

Capacitive touch monitor

LCD monitor with VGA,

HDMI, DVI, AV, Ypbpr



Core: ARM Cortex A8,     Frequency: 1GHz/800MHz, Memory: 2G DDR2/DDR3


Core: ARM Cortex-A8,      Frequency: 550~720MHZ, Memory: LPDDR SDRAM

Intel-Pentium M

It shows Intel M Series' Core features, function, frequency, Memory, Operating System, etc.


LILLIPUT provides 1.8"-21.5" LED monitors to meet the different needs of worldwide clients for consumer and professional fields application.

LILLIPUT offers customization services to design and manufacture Smart Mobile Data Terminal to satisfy the demands of industries.