AVMATRIX 1RU 3G-SDI 8×8 Matrix Switcher

AVMATRIX 1RU 3G-SDI 8×8 Matrix Switcher

Model No.︰MSS0811


Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

  • 8×3G-SDI inputs, 8×3G-SDI outputs
  • SDI input signal auto detection & equalization
  • Level A and level B singal supported
  • DVB-ASI interface compatible
  • Free PC software control: LAN, RS-232  
  • Front panel buttons control & USB keyboard
  • Redundant power design


1. Powerful Signal Routing

This matrix includes multi format technology so it can auto detect multiple video format sources of SD/HD/3G-SDI (level A & B) and DVB-ASI signals at the same time and route the multiple video destination in NTSC and PAL SD, 720, 1080 at any frame rate.


2. Multiple Control Methods

Front Panel: MSS0811 matrix switcher enables full control from the front panel. The current channel status can be viewed visually from the 2.2 inch LCD screen. Besides, the LOCK button perfect avoid accident.

PC Software: The matrix switcher coming with a free PC control software, you can connect a computer via Ethernet to realise the network router control on a Windows PC. Also you can use the software control via the serial port RS-232 connecting your PC.

USB Keyboard: There is another smart control method that connecting a USB keyboard from the USB port to realize a quick and easy configuration.


3. Redundant Power

The use of premium components coupled with dual redundant power supplies ensures the highest signal quality and maximum uptime even in the unexpected event of a power supply failure.

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