AVMATRIX HDMI/SDI 6CH Multi-format Video Switcher

AVMATRIX HDMI/SDI 6CH Multi-format Video Switcher

Model No.︰PVS0605


Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

  • 6 channel inputs: 4×SDI and 2×DVI-I/ HDMI/ VGA/ USB player inputs
  • T-Bar/ AUTO/ CUT transitions and MIX/ FADE/ WIPE effects
  • Luma Key/ Chroma Key for virtual studio
  • Record PGM video to SD card, up to 1080p60
  • 3×SDI/ HDMI PGM outputs, 1×SDI AUX output, 2×SDI/ HDMI multiview outputs
  • Remote PTZ camera control: Visca & Pelco D/P protocols
  • PiP & PoP mode size and position is adjustable
  • Audio mixer: XLR/ RCA audio & SDI/ HDMI/ USB embedded audio


1. Multiview Monitoring

Multiview output make it easy to monitor 6 channels sources as well as PVW and PGM simultaneously on one display, Besides, a real time clock and menu list are located in the lower right corner of the multiview.

2. Multi-format & Scaler  

6 different SD and HD format video sources can be detected and displayed at the same time. And the PGM output can be up/ down scaled including 1080i and 1080p.

3. PiP/PoP

To insert a second picture into/outside the main picture. Simply adjust its size and postion, then push program.

4. Chroma/Luma Key

Support real-time background matting, user can use Chorma key to cutout PVW green or blue background. And use the Luma Key to cutout black background.

5. Transition Effects

Transition between PVW and PGM with WIPE / MIX / FADE effect through T-Bar & AUTO. And there are 3 transition rates for AUTO transition.

6. Audio Mixer

A built-in audio mixer can mix 2 external stereo XLR & RCA audio and 6 channels of embedded audio. It's easy to control 3 stereo channels individually through the faders and corresponding buttons.

7. SD Card Recording

No external recorder needed, because the switcher has a built-in SD card slot for PGM recording.  It's simple to have an immediate high quality (up to FHD 1080p 60hz) recording of the event from this switcher.

8. USB Media Players

The channel 5 and 6 support different signals such as USB media player, USB Media Player support Video and Images.

9. PTZ Camera Control

The switcher also has a PTZ control feature. Two cameras' pan, tilt, zoom function can be controlled by a joystick and buttons througth RS422/ RS485 port. Setting the cameras' address and select VISCA & Pelco D/P protocols from menu.

10.Widespread Application

The all-in-one 6 channel video switcher can be widely used in various field events, such as live sports, virtual studio, Education, internet, concert, and so on.

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