AVMATRIX mini 6 Channel Multi-format Video Switcher

AVMATRIX mini 6 Channel Multi-format Video Switcher

Model No.︰VS0601


Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

  • Portable All-In-One design with 15.6 inch FHD LCD display
  • 6 channel inputs: 4×SDI and 2×DVI-I/HDMI/VGA/USB
  • 3×SDI PGM out(1×AUX), 2×HDMI PGM & 1×HDMI multiview out
  • Input format auto-detected and PGM/AUX output format selectable
  • T-Bar/AUTO/CUT transitions and MIX/ FADE/ WIPE effects
  • Luma Key/ Chroma Key for virtual studio
  • PIP/POP window size and position adjustable
  • Record PGM video to SD card, up to 1080p60
  • Audio mixer: TRS audio & SDI, HDMI, USB embedded audio


1. The thinnest AIO video switcher

The world's thinnest video switcher with an integrated 15.6 inch FHD screen and solid metal case. You can clearly view PVW, PGM with audio bar, multiviewer, clock and menu setting on the screen.

2. Chroma/Luma Key  

Support real-time background matting, user can use Chorma key to cutout PVW green or blue background. And use the Luma Key to cutout black background.

Users can adjust the size and position of the windows according to their needs.

Audio sliders can be used for multi-channel audio mixing.

3. PGM Recording

Extra SD card recording function, video recording up to 1080p60, which can achieve recording and pausing. Multiple recording qualities are available.

4. USB Media Player

The channel 5 and 6 support different signals such as USB media player, HDMI DVI and VGA which can satisfy customers to realize different signal input.

USB Media Player support Video and Images.  

5. Widespread Application

The all-in-one 6 channel video switcher can be widely used in various field events, such as live sports, virtual studio, Education, internet, concert, and so on.

6. Auto-detected inputs & selectable PGM outputs

The compact fuselage also has various interfaces to meet various demands. 4×SDI and 2×DVI-I/HDMI/VGA/USB player inputs, 2×SDI & 2×HDMI PGM outputs, 1×SDI AUX output for PVW & PGM, 1×HDMI multiview output.

The Input format is auto-detected, and PGM/AUX outputs format is select-able.

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