LILLIPUT 31inch UHD 12G-SDI,HDMI 2.0 broadcast production studio monitor

LILLIPUT 31inch UHD 12G-SDI,HDMI 2.0 broadcast production studio monitor

Model No.︰Q31


Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Short Description:

Lilliput Q31 is a professional production studio monitor, packed with features and facilities for the professional photographer, videographer, or cinematographer. Compatible with a multitude of inputs – and featuring the option of a 12G SDI and 12G-SFP Fiber Optic input connection for broadcast quality monitoring, It also features Audio Vectoring using a Lissajous graph shape allowing you to visualize the depth and balance of a stereo recording. You also can connect your computer to control the monitor via applications.


Brief Features:

  • 31inch, UHD 3840*2160 Resolution
  • Support standard 12G-SDI input interface (x2), 3G-SDI input interface (x2), and support Single-Link, Dual-Link and Quad-Link signals.
  • Support HDMI 2.0/1.4 inputs and loop outputs.
  • Support SFP optical Connector input, optical module for optional.
  • Loop output signals support up to 3840x2160 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60p and 4096x2160 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/47.95/48/50/59.94/60p.
  • Monitor control via LAN, GPI, RS422.
  • Customized Menu Knob.
  • Support customized various waveform mode: Waveform/Vector/Histogram/4 Bar Display/Audio Vector/Level Meter.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) display supporting ST 2084 and Hybrid Log Gamma.
  • Gamma selection: 1.8-2.8.
  • Custom 3D LUT file load through USB.
  • Wide color space supporting SMPTE-C, Rec709, EBU and Native.
  • Color Space/ HDR/Gamma /Camera Log comparison with original (side by side).
  • Color Temperature: 3200K/5500K/6500K/7500K/9300K/User.
  • False Color: Default/Spectrum/ARRI/RED.
  • Aspect Marker (16:9/1.85:1/2.35:1/4:3/2.0X/2.0X MAG/Grid/User).
  • Aspect (Full/16:9/1.85:1/2.35:1/4:3/3:2/2.0X/2.0X MAG).
  • Audio: supporting Audio Phase and Level Meter, HDMI supporting 8 channels, and SDI supporting 16 channels.
  • TimeCode: LTC/VITC.
  • UMD display:White/Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Cyan/Magenta text color for optional.
  • Color Bar Mode: Rec601/Rec709/BT2020.
  • Check Field: Red/Green/Blue/Mono.
  • Zoom at any position and at different scale.
  • Peaking (Red/Green/Blue/White/Black).
  • Tally (Red/Green/Yellow).




DISPLAY Panel 15.6″
Physical Resolution 3840*2160
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 330 cd/m²
Contrast 1000:1
Viewing Angle 176°/176°(H/V)
HDR ST2084 300/1000/10000/HLG
Supported Log Formats SLog2 / SLog3 / CLog / NLog / ArriLog / JLog or User…
Look up Table(LUT)support 3D LUT (.cube format)
Technology Calibration to Rec.709 with optional calibration unit
VIDEO INPUT SDI 2×12G, 2×3G (Supported 4K-SDI Formats Single/Dual/Quad Link)
SFP 1×12G SFP+(Fiber module for optional)
VIDEO LOOP OUTPUT SDI 2×12G, 2×3G (Supported 4K-SDI Formats Single/Dual/Quad Link)
SUPPORTED FORMATS SDI 2160p 24/25/30/50/60, 1080p 24/25/30/50/60, 1080pSF 24/25/30, 1080i 50/60, 720p 50/60…
SFP 2160p 24/25/30/50/60, 1080p 24/25/30/50/60, 1080pSF 24/25/30, 1080i 50/60, 720p 50/60…
HDMI 2160p 24/25/30/50/60, 1080p 24/25/30/50/60, 1080i 50/60, 720p 50/60…
SDI 16ch 48kHz 24-bit
HDMI 8ch 24-bit
Ear Jack 3.5mm
Built-in Speakers 2
POWER Input Voltage DC 12-24V
Power Consumption ≤32.5W (15V)
Compatible Batteries V-Lock or Anton Bauer Mount
Input Voltage(battery) 14.8V nominal
ENVIRONMENT Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~60℃
OTHER Dimension(LWD) 393mm × 267mm × 51.4mm
Weight 2.9kg

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